Product Update: Z-Series v4.1

Product Update: Z-Series v4.1

We just released version 4.1 of the Z-Series software for the RSP-Z2 and the Z-Series Controller. We generally try to create a few releases a year to provide new features and other improvements.

There are also new resource configuration options and features, plus additional new overall system configuration options. The user interface has also been distinctly improved.

Key Features

Primarily, version 4.1 focused on robustness improvements to 4.0, plus several network-centric features. Notably, we built in some network troubleshooting tools, made NTP servers configurable, and added some diagnostic information to our now easy-to-access logs. On top of that, we added two network resource types to the Z-Series Controller (SIP and RTP), made a few SIP improvements to make those resources a little easier to use in certain circumstances, and we now allow SIP to be a recorder resource type.

Network Troubleshooting and Diagnostics

One of the common problems customers have is getting their networks to behave as needed to work with our equipment. JPS Customer Support is always available to help, but the new built-in troubleshooting tools should make it easier for you to figure out what’s going on. Usually, it’s a router or firewall blocking traffic – now the Z-Series gateway can help you and JPS figure that out.

NTP Configuration

As mentioned above, version 4.1 also brings configurable NTP servers to the table. Some encrypted resource types require an accurate clock to operate properly because of certificate validation (i.e., the system needs to know the date and time). That’s what NTP does, so it has been available on the Z-Series products for a while. Now, the NTP servers that the RSP-Z2 and the Z-Series Controller reach out to are configurable. This makes it easier to work within the confines of some networks that restrict access to the internet for security reasons.

Features and Enhancements

In addition to lots of behind-the-scenes improvements and bug fixes, we added a few other minor features – things like an adjustable transmit gain for MCC resources (to help with noisy environments), a test tone to nets (to make resource setup easier), the ability to rename monitor groups (for easier long-term tracking of them), and numerous minor bits of polish.

You can download version 4.1 for the RSP-Z2 and for the Z-Series Controller. This software update is completely free of charge.