What are Wide Area Communications?

Many industries and applications require that employees be on the road while also maintaining uninterrupted communication with one another and the main office and/or dispatcher. In addition, communication can be required among disparate fleets, agencies, and other companies that span cities, counties, and even states.

Providing high quality, robust communications among all of the users in a wide area scenario presents significant challenges given the plethora of devices and networks that each group may use.

Connecting Devices Worldwide

JPS is the undisputed leader in connecting spatially separated and isolated communication devices and environments. We have built a reputation around our best-in-class audio quality, link reliability, and ease of configuration.

Our interoperability gateways and other products connect various communication devices seamlessly over a wide area network. These devices include two-way radios, Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PoC) applications, and enhancements to facilitate dispatch.

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