The ACU-Z1™ combines modern technology with JPS’ two decades of experience as the industry leader in communications interoperability. Modular, 2U high, fully IP centric, and loaded with the capable radio interface features you have come to expect from JPS, the ACU-Z1 can interface just about every type of voice communication.

The modern user interface, along with the convenient local handset, twelve plug-in modules for local connections, and up to 24 virtual IP-based resources make it easy for the operator to create and disband communication nets, monitor resources, record nets, and perform light dispatch operations.

True IP-Centric Gateway

The ACU-Z1’s intuitive browser-based GUI allows an operator to expand or minimize the dispatch and monitor areas. Operators can employ these dedicated zones to create mini-dispatch stations for on-the-fly one-way or two-way communications. Since any configured resource can be designated as the dispatcher by the operator, the system provides a high level of flexibility,

Separate from dispatch, monitor nets provide another unique feature. Any resource configured on the system can be designated a monitor and can listen to audio from any number of other resources on the system.

Intelligent Resource Allocation

The ACU-Z1’s network-focused design allows straightforward integration of other JPS gateways, such as the RSP-Z2, the NXU-2B, or even other ACU-Z1s. Creating these wide area systems does not tie up any modules on the controlling ACU-Z1, with all input from these communications devices coming in via IP to the CPM module.

Whether connected devices are IP-based or locally configured, the ACU-Z1 manages them efficiently. Radio/IP passthroughs and simplified external recorder configuration provide additional benefits.

Optional HC-128 and AES-256 encryption can be licensed on JPS Z-Series devices for JPS Bridge and JPS RoIP audio.

Vendor Neutral Philosophy

The JPS ACU® Intelligent Interconnect Technology employed by the ACU-Z1 and other JPS gateways purposely eliminates the proprietary nature of some system types through radio-agnostic interfaces for hundreds of different radio makes and models, regardless of frequency, modulation technique, protocol, or encryption.

Size and Weight
3.5” H x 19” W x 10” D; Approx. 11 lbs. fully populated
Audio Vocoders
GSM (13 Kbps), PCMU/G.711 μLaw (64Kbps), PCMA/G.711 aLaw (64Kbps)
Input Power
AC: 115 or 230 VAC +/- 15%, 47-63 Hz, 60 VA typical, 90 VA max
DC: +11 to +15 VDC @ 4A nom, 7A max
VIM-Z1 Input: Balanced/Unbalanced 600Ω; Unbalanced 47kΩ.
VIM-Z1 Output: Unbalanced 600Ω
PSTN-Z1 Input/Output: 600Ω Nominal.


Latest Firmware: v3.1.6
(released 06/15/2022)

Technical Support

JPS offers 24/7 technical support via email and phone. For more information, visit our Support Page or visit our interactive Help Center.

FCC Certification

The ACU-Z1 is FCC Part 15 Certified to prevent unintended electromagnetic interference.


All JPS products are covered by a standard 18 month warranty.  For more detailed information, review our Warranty Terms.

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