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JPS invented Radio over IP (RoIP) in the late 1990s to provide a secure, cost-effective means of expanding Land Mobile Radio (LMR) coverage. It has since evolved to support additional functions critical to communications users, such as remote dispatching and interoperability.

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Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PoC) is an alternative to Land Mobile Radio (LMR) communications. It offers the ability to take advantage of connecting through a large number of cellular networks and towers. JPS radio gateways provide a bridging interface between LMR systems and PoC solutions.

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Users often need to communicate with others outside the bounds of their traditional coverage area. JPS devices reliably communicate across any network link, regardless of distance or bandwidth, and are significantly more cost effective than a system overlay.

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The capability of emergency responders to work seamlessly with others, regardless of communications platform, is critical. For over 30 years, JPS has designed and manufactured devices capable of bridging technology gaps to support this need.

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Often, adding a small increase in Land Mobile Radio (LMR) coverage area can come at a great expense. JPS products feature multiple, cost-effective ways to expand coverage beyond the limits of a traditional radio system.

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More frequently, telecom providers are ending service on or significantly increasing the maintenance costs of leased lines. Migrating these connections to JPS devices can provide enhanced capability and a return on investment within months.

JPS MCC Dispatch

Many industries require remote dispatchers by default; others adapted due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Whatever the requirement, JPS devices can provide a cost-effective alternative to traditional dispatch solutions.

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Remote SCADA-based equipment protects our critical infrastructure. However, it is as vulnerable to hacking as anything else on an IP network. JPS developed a purpose-built appliance that does not rely on standard networking methods or standard network security methods.

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