What is Communications Interoperability?

Communications Interoperability is the ability of a team, group, or agency to talk to or exchange data with one another on demand, in real time, and when needed.

Examples include:
– Fire, medical, and law enforcement
– Hotel staff, hotel headquarters, and hotel security
– Educators, security, and law enforcement
– Local, county, state, and federal agencies

However, it’s almost guaranteed that the various users will be using incompatible devices. Communications Interoperability provides a powerful, easy-to-use means to link up different device types so all parties can talk to each other.

The Global Leader

JPS established itself as a global leader in Communications Interoperability with the release of the ACU-1000 over 25 years ago. We continue to develop innovative products capable of meeting modern communications requirements.

All of our interoperability products are designed for flexibility, functionality, and ease-of-use. We connect all communications devices seamlessly, including radios, mobile devices, PoC applications, dispatch consoles, VoIP phones, satcom terminals, and more.

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