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JPS gateways simplify communications by linking devices of different types. Audio from mobile phone apps, radios, MCC Consoles, or other sources is mixed and combined coherently by gateways like the ACU-Z1, RSP-Z2, Z-Series Controller, and the NXU-2B.

The SNV-12 Signal-and-Noise Voter Comparator modular receiver voting system measures receiver audio quality for fast and accurate determination of the best sounding audio. The QMT-1B capably handles network delays and jitter that cause synchronizing delays on IP receiver sites.


Remote SCADA – a vital part of Critical Infrastructure – is a high value target for hackers who want to disrupt entire societies from a distance. IronGate uses tamper-proof hardware and a sophisticated combination of unique software protocols that prevent hacking.

We have designed and created over 300 different interface cables to work in unison with our communications gateways.

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