What is Leased Line Replacement?

A leased line is a bidirectional telephone line that has been rented for private voice, data exchange, or telecommunication use and is deployed and maintained by telecommunication providers.

Many radio systems use these leased lines to deliver transmit and receive voice audio for their remote radio sites. However, with the proliferation of digital networks, leased lines are becoming an antiquated solution for radio systems due to the lack of maintenance, degraded performance, poor reliability, and increased cost.

An Unparalleled Return on Investment

JPS provides an extensive line of Radio over IP products that allow these systems to easily be moved or migrated from leased lines to digital networks. This provides an increase in audio quality and reliability, along with the innate  capability to expand system coverage to include other communication devices and networks, which in turn extends overall radio range.

The highly capable SNV-12 Voter provides another attractive leased line replacement since it can vote from a mix of traditional analog or IP backhaul audio. This flexibility allows users to integrate new IP-based sites gradually as leased lines are phased out.

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