What is RoIP?

Radios are a great way to communicate since they are durable, easy to use, enjoy long battery life, and have clear audio. However, gaps in coverage can limit their use. This can be caused by signal obstruction (terrain, buildings, foliage), being out of range, or even bad weather. Radio over IP (RoIP) solves these issues by translating the radio audio to a digital format, which allows it to be sent easily over a network.

Once on a network, the audio can be sent to any number of device types, or it can be retranslated back to radio audio and retransmitted over a second radio system – even one halfway around the world! RoIP makes it easy to communicate with radios in remote locations or with other devices such as smartphones, computers, or VoIP phones.

Our RoIP Solution

JPS invented Radio over IP (RoIP) technology in the 1990’s and has pioneered the world standard in RoIP gateways.

Always true to the goal of enhancing existing communications systems or adding flexible reliability to new ones, JPS has developed an extensive family of RoIP-based products and IP radio proprietary technologies that allow users to connect radios to any type of communications device and extend radio coverage while continuing to provide best-in-class audio.

NXU RoIP diagram

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