With JPS’ ACU-T™ Tactical Interconnect System, a radio gateway can be rapidly configured and deployed to meet almost any interoperability application involving radios and telephones and Radio over Internet Protocol (RoIP).

The ACU-T provides tactical packaging for the proven ACU-2000 modular interoperability system. The flexible control and status monitoring options of the system make the ACU® products truly flexible and versatile. Interconnections between any of the system radios and telephones (and a local operator) can be initiated and terminated in a variety of ways. The six devices interfaced to the ACU-T (radios, telephones, and local operator) can be interconnected in any combination from three nets of two users, to a single net with all six users connected together.

Form and Functionality

The ACU-T’s keypad, handset, speaker, and LEDs allow full local control and monitoring of the interoperability system. The ACU controller and WAIS Controller software provide multipoint control and monitoring capability over a network. The control software and DSP algorithms allow the ACU-T to be optimized for best performance with connected radios or other equipment.

All of the interface features that made the 19″ rackmount ACU-2000 the industry leader in interoperability solutions are available with the ACU-T, including: a choice of VOX, VMR, or Hardwired COR, Digital Audio Delay, and COR Sampling to ensure that a false key or noisy signal can’t tie up a net.

Versatile Interoperability

Connects up to six communications sources (including local handset) in any configuration from three two-way conversations to a single six-way conference. Sophisticated DSP algorithms provide adaptive, hybrid, VOX, VMR (voice modulation recognition), and noise reduction.

The ACU-T can be deployed as an above or a below ground repeater. Radios can be located up to 1000′ away using optional extension cables. Custom interface cables are available for over 300 radio models.

Small, Rugged, Rapidly Deployable

The ACU products offer a truly modularized approach to controlling and interconnecting various types of communications systems. The basic system components are interface modules, each designed to connect a specific communications medium. The ACU-T’s interface modules are the same as those used in the ACU-2000, and the internal and control software are likewise compatible between the two products.

The ACU-T provides all of these features in a small, rugged unit suitable for rapid deployment in a tactical or vehicular environment. Weighing less than eight pounds, the ACU-T incorporates a drip-proof top cover, quick connect/disconnect CPC connectors for radio interfacing, and a keypad, speaker, and handset for local control and monitoring. The unit is DC powered, allowing easy battery or vehicular use. AC power supply is also provided.

Size and Weight
6.75” H x 6.75” W x 10.5” D (17.2 x 17.2 x 26.7cm); 8 lbs (3.6 kg)
Audio Levels
DSP Input: -26 dBm to + 10dBm
DSP Output: -20 dBm to + 11dBm
Input Power
+11 to +15 VDC @ 5A nominal; wall cube supplied
DSP Input: Balanced/Unbalanced 600Ω or 10kΩ
DSP Output: Balanced/Unbalanced 600Ω


Latest Firmware
CPM-4/6: v3.09
DSP-2/3: v4.02
SCM-1/2: v3.03

Technical Support

JPS offers 24/7 technical support via email and phone. For more information, visit our Support Page or visit our interactive Help Center.

FCC Certification

The ACU-T is FCC Part 15 Certified to prevent unintended electromagnetic interference.


All JPS products are covered by a standard 18 month warranty.  For more detailed information, review our Warranty Terms.

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