Gateways to Communication

The capability to work seamlessly with others, regardless of communications platform, only becomes more evident as technology advances. Most users need to communicate with others who are either outside their traditional coverage area, or who are using a different device type. JPS devices reliably communicate across any network link, regardless of distance or bandwidth, and are significantly more cost-effective than a system overlay.

Regardless of the industry – from first responders to retail, from hospitality to educational settings, and more – JPS gateways simplify communications by linking devices of different types. Audio from mobile phone apps, radios, MCC Consoles, or other sources is mixed and combined coherently by gateways like the ACU-Z1, RSP-Z2, Z-Series Controller, and the NXU-2B.

Z-Series Controller

The Z-Series Controller creates a scalable interoperability system that is easily managed via its straightforward, browser-based user interface. Tying together the wide range of audio communications devices remotely interfaced to it, the Z-Series Controller enables audio sharing with all JPS RoIP products, such as the NXU-2B, the ACU-M, or any of the Z-Series products.

Features like simplified dispatch capability, monitoring by non-dispatch resources, and IP recorder integration provide enhanced functionality. They make the Z-Series Controller an adaptable solution to a diverse array of interoperability and communication uses.


The ACU-Z1 combines modern technology with JPS’ two decades of experience as the industry leader in communications interoperability. Modular, 2U high, fully IP centric, and loaded with the capable radio interface features you have come to expect from JPS, the ACU-Z1 can interface just about every type of voice communication.

The modern user interface, along with the convenient local handset, twelve plug-in modules for local connections, and up to 24 virtual IP-based resources make it easy for the operator to create and disband communication nets, monitor resources, record nets, and perform light dispatch operations.


The incredibly versatile RSP-Z2 gateway allows a pair of radios, a pair of IP connections, or a radio and IP connection to be patched together and/or remotely interfaced to other devices.

Incorporating the JPS suite of radio interface algorithms and the ability to use JPS’ large catalog of radio interface cables, the RSP-Z2™ embodies all of the customer-friendly features and benefits you’ve come to expect from JPS.


The NXU-2B expands upon JPS’ industry standard RoIP gateway to provide the most efficient means available to transport communications across any private IP network. Compared to its NXU® predecessors, the NXU-2B contains modern components as well as a set of features that support simple remote setup and troubleshooting of communications systems.

The NXU-2B connects communications equipment across an IP network using JPS RoIP technology. It is intended for use with radios or other four-wire devices and JPS products such as ACU® interoperability gateways. The NXU-2B supports multiple vocoders, offering superior audio quality with a minimal use of network bandwidth.


MCC Consoles

MCC Consoles are versatile desktop microphones that provide remote audio access to JPS systems. Use one as a dispatch interface, or to join an interoperability net.

MCC Consoles integrate easily with any of JPS’ Z-Series devices: the ACU-Z1, the RSP-Z2, or the Z-Series Controller. The embedded JPS Bridge protocol allows streamlined connection to these systems across an IP network, no additional gateway required.


A compact, easily portable and quickly deployable interoperability gateway, the ACU-M is feature-rich, simple to use and can be networked and managed remotely. Its intuitive interface enables sure operation and provides field diagnostics and programming capabilities.

With its comprehensive suite of DSP functions, the ACU-M offers significantly higher functionality than any of its competitive counterparts at a price that fits any budget. The devices interfaced to the ACU-M can be interconnected in any combination – from three independent nets, to a single net with all users connected together. The ACU-M offers maximum portability, helping to quickly establish command and control in various field applications.


With JPS’ ACU-T Tactical Interconnect System, a radio gateway can be rapidly configured and deployed to meet almost any interoperability application involving radios and telephones and Radio over Internet Protocol (RoIP).

The ACU-T is a small rugged unit suitable for rapid deployment in a tactical or vehicular environment. Weighing less than eight pounds, the ACU-T incorporates a drip-proof top cover, quick connect/disconnect CPC connectors for radio interfacing, and a keypad, speaker, and handset for local control and monitoring. The unit is DC powered, allowing easy battery or vehicular use.

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