Manufacturer's Representatives

Working closely with representative firms and individuals allows us to expand our world-class technical and sales support throughout the globe. These knowledgeable and experienced team members assist in conceptualization, coordination, procurement, and verification throughout the lifespan of a project.

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Authorized U.S. Dealers

JPS Authorized Dealers provide a crucial role in our relationship with end users. They often best understand our customers’ needs, restrictions, and expectations. We’re proud to have grown this large network of trusted allies.

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U.S. Distributors

Building relationships with these distributors helps to ensure our customers are able to procure JPS products conveniently and know when they are in stock.

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International Distributors

As with domestic distributors, these companies assist in the procurement process. Currently, our International distributors are located in Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, and Morocco.

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Our Partners


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