What is SCADA Cybersecurity?

Remote SCADA-based equipment has a variety of important uses, including critical infrastructure such as energy, transportation, public services, oil & gas, telecommunications, and critical manufacturing sectors, and is no less susceptible to hacking than anything else on an IP network.

Research found that 54% of the 500 US critical infrastructure suppliers surveyed had reported attempts to control systems, while 40% had experienced attempts to shut down systems. Over half said that they had noticed an increase in attacks, while three-quarters believed that those attacks were becoming more sophisticated.

Eradicate Cyber Attacks

JPS IronGate provides best-in-class SCADA security and operates as your impenetrable SCADA cybersecurity firewall.

IronGate eliminates SCADA-based cyber attacks by using AES 256-bit encryption along with a unique protocol. IronGate uses a proprietary Hardened Ethernet Interface (HEI) which prevents OS-level attacks, providing a significant advantage over conventional systems that rely on SSH/TLS or similar technologies.

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