Protecting Valuable Infrastructure

Vast sectors of modern infrastructure rely on remote ICS/SCADA equipment, and much of it is IP based. This built-in reliance on the Internet may come with convenience, but it also comes with the rapidly mounting risk of hacking and cyber-attacks.

Until now, systems to protect IP-based SCADA communications have been expensive and only lessen, rather than eliminate, vulnerability to attack.


IronGate® provides a truly unique solution. The IronGate system does not rely on standard networking methods for communication with SCADA equipment, nor does it rely on standard network security methods. IronGate is a purpose-built computing appliance with a custom Hardened Ethernet Interface (HEI) that is the system’s only connection to the Internet/network.

The IronGate system is not only secure, it is also brand agnostic and scalable. Each IronGate Core can serve 100+ remote Edge devices, and each Edge device can handle hundreds of SCADA controls and sensors. This, within a broad range of legacy and new SCADA equipment.

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