JPS Announces a New Cybersecurity Solution: IronGate<sup>®</sup>

JPS Announces a New Cybersecurity Solution: IronGate®

Remote SCADA – a vital part of Critical Infrastructure – is a high value target for hackers who want to disrupt entire societies from a distance. Recent research indicates that Industrial Control System (ICS) vulnerabilities increased by 41% in the first half of 2021 alone.[1] Existing technologies to protect IP-based SCADA communications are expensive and only lessen, rather than eliminate, vulnerability to attack.

JPS is pleased to introduce a proven and cost-effective solution to this ever-growing threat: IronGate®. This innovative technology stands out by using tamper-proof hardware and a sophisticated combination of unique software protocols that prevent hacking. IronGate has been aggressively Red Team tested by major Cybersecurity firms Cylance and FireEye-Mandiant, passing in both cases with excellent results, and has also been tested by U.S. Government Cybersecurity experts. “IronGate was exceptionally hardened against attack and presented a minimal attack surface,” confirmed Cylance.

JPS’ new purpose-built security solution has also successfully completed a beta test at a water facility on a major U.S. military base. Results demonstrated that IronGate protected the facility’s SCADA network from hacking attacks that had been able to bypass existing security measures.

As our country relies ever more heavily on “Smart Infrastructure,” SCADA will become more necessary. But every unprotected remote SCADA device is an invitation to hackers. IronGate will allow a secure and reliable buildout of critical ICS, including electric grids, oil and gas pipelines, transportation systems, water treatment facilities, and much more.

JPS developed IronGate with a team of dedicated engineers, and the devices are manufactured in the US. “It’s been a substantial investment, but well worth it,” affirms Todd Dixon, JPS President. “Every individual in our country depends on our infrastructure, which is currently far too vulnerable and open to malicious attacks by criminals and adversaries. IronGate will make our country safer.”