Reliable communication, whether voice or data, is one of the most critical aspects of any industry. At JPS, we design products to enhance communications systems by making them more versatile, more secure, and more robust. We provide innovative solutions to solve modern challenges for Public Safety, Military, Government, Oil/Gas, and Commercial users.

Our mission is to help others and save lives.

“JPS has always had a key purpose – to help save lives and keep people safe through innovative and reliable communications. The company has and will continue to design products with a dedicated team committed to quality and service. This is my legacy, and my vision is that it lives on for generations.”

– Don Scott, Founder


“JPS has given our district administrators and school sites the ability to have immediate, mass communications with each other via their radio solutions. These solutions have transformed the way Moore Public Schools communicates and provides yet another layer of safety we were looking for.”

– Dustin Horstkoetter, Director of Safety and Security, Moore Public Schools


JPS was originally founded as JPS Communications, Inc. in 1988 by Tom Jacks, Peter Pflasterer, and Don Scott. The original business plan was to sell ancillary products to any and all HF radio manufacturers, and eventually branch out into the development of other products. JPS has since evolved to become global leaders in the communications industry, including inventing the standard known as Radio over IP.

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